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If you are the type of person that stays up at night worrying about things, then there is an excellent article on the Readers Digest website which may help you with this, and contribute to stopping your worry in general, and especially if it's about your prom night. 
But as a bit of help. here are some of the most common fears that girls face today when they are looking to get ready for their prom:


With the various costs involved in attending prom, the budget is something that often makes many people worry. There are lots of different things that you need to pay for to look fabulous for prom night. This includes: a prom dress (more on that in the next post), hair and makeup, accesories, tickets and transportation.

If you are going to have a small budget to work with, then you will want to start your shopping as early as possible. Go to all of the sales in the months leading up to your prom and look for the bargains and end of line sales where you can pick up a designer dress for a lot less than you may think. With some scrimping and saving, you can make your budget go a long way. Whether you are looking for this season's most stunning red prom dresses, or a Purple, Green or Pink dress, the internet is an excellent place to start your search with many online retailers offering fantastic savings on designer gowns.


There are many people all over the country every year that attend their prom without a date, and some people make a conscious effort to go with their friends rather than one individual. Whether you have a date or not, just relax and have fun, it will not be long till you move on and further your education at a college or going into the workforce, so many people you will not see again for quite some time. Who needs a date anyway? Have fun with people around you!

Many people are self-conscious when it comes to dancing, and instead of letting their hair down and enjoying themselves, they instead worry about what people think about them when they dance. Your prom is a once in a lifetime thing, so forget about what other people believe that you look like when you are dancing, shut your eyes and let the moment and the music transport you away. Often people will only comment about others when they are jealous, especially if someone is having fun and they are not!

Things are very rarely as you see them in the media including magazines, TV, movies and what have you. Make sure that your expectations are grounded and realistic for your prom otherwise you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. I'm sure it won't be your last party, there will come better times!

Keep a positive mind set and relax when you attend the dance, if you feel great you will look great, no matter what you wear. If you attend your senior prom with the right attitude, you are assured to have the time of your life and make memories that will stay with your forever. Just stay happy, kids!

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  1. Prom season can be so stressful! I definitely don't miss those teenage days. I also think it's helpful to extend a tight budget by choosing a vintage dress, which is very in right now. Great tips!

    Happy Monday!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

    1. Lol lucky you! I mean, it could be but it really shouldn't! Prom should be fun and only that :D And you are so right about the vintage finds, thanks hun xx

  2. You look amazing!!!!

  3. Beautiful photos and definitely think this is sound advice!

    The Leach Life |

    1. So glad you found it helpful, thanks for the feedback! <3

  4. You look so beautiful! I love that dress on you :)

    xo Raina

  5. You look stunning! Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  6. Great look
    The Pink Pineapple
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