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One question I've always asked myself is: How long does one go without washing their hair regularly?

I used to have mine almost hip lengh when I was younger and it. was. a. pain. My mom would never let me cut it and let's just say I wasn't getting along with my hairbrush too often so it was normally in a ponytail, braid or just plain old knotty. So for it to be brushable again, I had to wash it almost every day.
As I got older, I found different ways to manage my long thick hair and often chose to braid it over anything. I've been washing it since like 2 times a week and 3 in the summertime. (And obviously chopping it all off as much as I can lol)
That may seem gross for some people and too much shampoo for other but that's what I found works for me and my hair. (PS: It's actually good for you)

So on the days it's not wash day, I like to get it out of my face. That be a bun, topknot, pony or braids.
As I said before, braids are my favorite because there are so many types and styles to follow!
You can also use dry shampoo in your hair on those days or when there's no time for a full wash and it will also provide nice texture and a yummy scent! Here is a review on the  best dry shampoos if you're interested in taking a look!

Enjoy! <3


Una pregunta que me hago seguido es: cada cuanto uno va sin lavarse el pelo?

Yo solia tener el cabello casi hasta las caderas cuando era mas chica y era un dolor. de. ovarios. Mi mama nunca me dejaba cortarmelo y digamos que no me llevaba muy bien con mi cepillo entonces normalmente lo tenia atado en una colita, trenza o simplemente lo dejaba todo enredado. Por lo tanto, para poder peinarlo, me lo lavaba todos los días.
A medida que fui creciendo, encontré distintas maneras de controlar mi pelo largo y grueso y mas veces que no, elegía una trenza. Desde entonces, me lo lavo 2 veces a la semana o 3 en verano. (Ademas de cortarmelo todo lo mas que pueda)
Eso puede sonar asqueroso para algunos o demasiado shampoo para otros pero es lo que encontré que funcione para mi y mi pelo. (PD: En realidad es bueno para el pelo)

Así que en los días que no son días de lavado, me gusta que este fuera de mi cara. Sea en un rodete, colita o trenzas. Como dije anteriormente, esta ultima es mi favorita porque hay tanto tipos y estilos para seguir!

Para concluir, hoy les muestro mi manera favorita de trenzarme el pelo por el momento. Disfruten! <3

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8 comentarios

  1. Love this! I always have to wash my hair daily because it gets greasy so quick...I need to try more braids. Lovely pics!

  2. Now I can't help imagining you with a really long, waist-lenght braid.

    1. Lol at that! Stick around until it's fully grown and you won't need to imagine it anymore haha!

  3. You look so pretty and this is a great tip! My hair gets so easily greasy at the moment :(

    xx Nicola