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Hair. What a crazy little fast-growing thing, right? And oh how much I adore it.

If there is one thing that bores the heck out of me in just a matter of months it's my hair. I am constantly wanting to change it up, cut it, dye it, whatever. I believe it makes a hell of a difference in someone's image and I lovvve that about it.

So lately, I've been looking at so many hairstyles and what always comes up is this 'long-bob' trend and bangs. Bangs are crazy over the internet lately.
I had my bangs cut two or three times before and always was really sketchy about them, I was never really in love with them but I was dying for a change so decided to give them another chance.

It was actually not in my primary plans. If you saw my instagram stories from a couple days ago, I went to the hair salon to get my hair trimmed and cut my bangs a bit but they were still chin-lengh. I got home that same day and looked in the mirror thinking: "this isn't change enough" so I hesitated like crazy but decided to chop them up myself and ta-da. Here's the result.

Hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend babes!♥

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Cabello. Que cosa mas loca, rara, de rápido crecimiento, no? Y ai cuanto que lo amo.

Si hay una cosa que me aburre de mi sanidad en solo unos meses es mi pelo. Estoy constantemente queriendo cambiarlo, cortarlo, teñirlo, lo que sea. Creo que hace muchísima diferencia en la imagen de alguien y aaaamo eso.

Así que estuve mirando un montón de peinados ultimamente y lo que siempre aparece es este 'long bobo' (como un corte carré largo) y flequillo. El flequillo estuvo revolucionando el internet aparentemente.
Anteriormente, me lo había cortado una o dos veces pero nunca me había enamorado de los resultados pero necesitaba un cambio y decidí darles otra oportunidad.

En realidad, no estaba en mis planes originales. Si vieron mis historias de instagram de hace unos dias, fui a la peluqeria a cortarme las puntas y me corté el flequillo tambien pero seguia hasta la altura de la pera. Llegué a casa ese mismo dia y me mire al espejo pensando: "no es cambio suficiente" asi que despues de vacilar como una loca decidi cortarlo yo mismo y ta-da. Acá el resultado.

Espero que lo disfruten y tengan un muy lindo fin de semana♥

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7 comentarios

  1. Such a pretty look and I love your hair!


  2. This hairstyle looks so good on you! I've always wanted to get bangs but I'm too nervous!

  3. I am really digging you hair and outfit, your look is giving me major Dakota Johnson vibe! <3
    I feel ya with the hair struggle! I get so bored with mine, but the last time I did I got it all chopped off and have been growing it out for 2 years now so that I can actually do anything with it haha

    1. How sweet of you, thanks! And good luck with your hair lol sometimed change is much needed!xo

  4. This cut looks really, REALLY good on you! :)

    Katie |