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Hello my loves and happy Saturday!
It's finally finally the weekend and I'm really excited to get some personal stuff checked of my to-do's.

One of those being the travel diary videos I always say I'll edit, since March when we got back..
In case you didn't know, S and I travelled through Europe for 3 weeks, you can see the posts here (BarcelonaParisVenice) and there's still ONE more place we visited that hasn't gone up yet! Stay tuned for that!!

Anyway, today's look is a bit strange for me but SO good. These overalls, man. Just plain adorable.
I don't think I've ever owned the classic denim overalls before and lately I've been seeing so much of them that I decided to just take the leap and buy a pair. No regrets over here, I love them!
Overalls are extremely comfy to wear (and super cute!), I paired them with this cream sweater that has tiny black spots on it and my pink stilettos that I adore, they just look adorable with denim, see this post here as well.

What do you guys think about overalls? Yay or Nay? Have a nice weekend! xx

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Hola mis amores y feliz Sabado!
Finalmente finalmente llego el fin de semana y estoy emocionada por poder sacar algunas cosas personales de mi lista de quehaceres.

Una de esas seria editar los diarios de viaje que siempre digo que voy a hacer, desde Marzo que volvimos..
En caso de que no sepan, S y yo recorrimos Europa por 3 semanas, podes ver esos posts acá (BarcelonaParísVenecia) y hay UN otro lugar que visitamos que no subí todavía! Pero mantengan los ojitos abiertos que ya viene!!

El look de hoy es medio raro para mi pero TAN lindo. Ai este jardinero, chicos. Tan adorable.
Creo que nunca en mi vida tuve el clasico jardinero de denim y últimamente lo estoy viendo tanto que decidí arriesgarme y comprarme uno! No hay arrepentimientos por acá, estoy enamorada!
Los jardineros son extremadamente cómodos (y lindos!), yo combine el mio con este buzo color crema con manchitas negras y mis stilettos rosas que adoro y creo que se ven super bien con denim, miren este otro post aca.

Ustedes que piensan de los jardineritos? Les gustan o los odian? Que tengan un lindo fin de semana! xx

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20 comentarios

  1. I love this look. simple, basic yet elegant
    You have a interesting blog. Visit mine if you want

  2. I love denim overalls so much!

    1. What's there not to love!? Thanks for stopping by Catarina

  3. Just came across your blog, lovely photos and outfit! I like how you paired it with bright heels. Have a great week :)

  4. Gorgeous look! Love your shoes! Denim overal is also perfect ♥
    Meet My Lovely World

  5. I love how you made the overalls grown up! The heels pull it together.

  6. I love styling overalls..they are so fun and cute to wear!

  7. You look great in overalls girl, work it

  8. Loving the overall trend lately and these look adorable on you! I have a faux leather pair that I wear all the time :)


    1. Leather overalls? Count me in! Lol thanks so much Kendall♥

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    1. this is my Blog would be awesome if you take a look at it