02 octubre

This took a while to put up but it's finally here!
I basically only get the chance to grab my new camera on the weekends, since my weekdays are extremely packed, but I've been playing around with it and it's SO easy to use once you understand a bit all the features.And your taking that from someone who just now gets into this whole photography thing and her first professional camera. You gotta trust me.

Besides one or two point and shoot cameras my family has always had, the Nikon L820 was my first camera. I wanted a DSLR but (I thought) it was really hard to manage so my dad bought me this semi-professional one to start off with for my graduation around two years ago and I LOVED it! I was so happy and started to take pictures of everything! I looked a lot more into photography and came across fashion blogs!
I've always loved coming home and typing in a whole list of bloggers I liked one by one to see if they had a new post up lol That is until I discovered Bloglovin' (follow me here!) and became obsessed.
I also wanted to start my own blog! And now, a year and a couple months later I think it's time to give my blog a bit more love and invest in something that would increase my photo quality a bit more.

I obviously am not a fan of spending thousands of dollars on something like a camera at this point in my life (but let's be honest, I totally would) so I was looking for something great under the $700 dollar mark which is pretty high for me already and found this Nikon D3300 bundle (camera body, 18-55mm lens, 55-300mm lens, camera bag and accesories) for around $650!

I don't really have much to say other than the fact that I love it. It's quality is a lot better than my old one, I love that you can adjust things like ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed that I couldn't before.

I truly recommed you guys look up this camera if you're a beginner searching for a DSLR. I know I don't get too specific with this post but that's just because I'm not very experienced yet but if you guys have any questions please leave them in a comment below!
NOTE: photos of the L820 were taken with the D3300 and viceversa.

As always, thanks for reading! xx


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