29 mayo

Hello my loves! Today I'm sharing my best tips to care for your hair! HA HA.. get it?
Anywho.. hope they come in handy!

DON'T OVERWASH. Ok, I seriously can't stress this enough. I used to wash my hair almost everyday and it really dried the heck out of it! Plus, it would be so greasy on the second day already and I hated that. Now, even though it may seem disgusting to some of you, I wash it every 4-5 days and it stays really soft and nice for the first three days and after that I just throw it up in a bun or something so it will last a few more days until my next wash. Most people use a dry shampoo, that is also a great alternative but I don't really mind and am pretty used to this routine:)

BRUSH WHEN DRY. Brushing your hair when it's dry, before getting into the shower, makes washing it so much easier since it's completely tangle-free. Please avoid brushing it wet! You can comb it wet though with a wide toothed one. If I forget to brush before washing, I make sure to comb it when my conditioner is in, it's so much easier to get all the tangles out and it distributes the conditioner onto every single piece of hair. *win win*

CONDITION. If normal conditioner isn't enough or your hair is too dry you can always use a leave-in conditioner when out of the shower to add some extra moisture.

NATURAL IS KEY. I know, I know, we all get bored of our normal hair color and love to change it up every once and again. That is, every once in again. Please please please do not dye your hair every two weeks, you have no idea how bad that is! A great alternative to this is the typical ombre style where you only dye or bleach your ends so if it gets too bad you can cut it short and the rest will be in perfect condition :) Plus, you get a whole new style to play with.

LOSE THE HEAT. This is another big one. I swear It makes me cringe everytime I see someone heat style their hair EVERYDAY. I almost never heat style mine, but I do get that some people have hard-to-handle hair and there isn't many other options. So here is my advice: use a heat styling tool when your hair is freshly washed and try to make it last a couple days or just touch up a bit of pieces on the rest of the days so you don't burn it as much. And when you do, PLEASE use some kind of heat protectant.

BRAIDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. This is seriously the best alternative to heat styling. There are so many types of braids one can do with their hair, short or long, to create various different looks and no heat is involved! You can even sleep in braids overnight and have really beachy waves in the morning, this is also a great time saver ;)

TRIM REGULARLY. I know people who trim their hair like every week and I know people who trim their hair every 10 years lol. Some say you're supposed to trim your ends to avoid them to split, every four weeks, but come on, noone does it that often hahaha I do recommend a slight trim every two or three months though to make sure it grows nice and even.

HOMEMADE MASKS. Instead of using so many chemical products, you should try some homemade masks! Avocados and coconut oil are great ingredients for your hair and they leave it super smooth!

These tips are SO low maintenance and really easy to follow. You do not have to spend hours on your hair to make it look nice. And you most certainly do not have to bathe it in all kinds of products.

I hope these tips were helpfull!
Do you have any other natural hair tip that I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments xx

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  1. i love homemade masks, they are the best :D

    1. They definetely are, Dianne :) thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Happy Friday, love! You look stunning, as always, and great hair tips!!!!!!
    Happy Weekend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Thanks Vanessa! You're so sweet ♥ Happy weekend to you as well, hope you have a good one :)